Free Advertising (or how great advertising gets new clients you wouldn’t ordinarily have)
  1. A Plan - Make a marketing plan - a strategy including budget and schedule
    needed to get the word out and create the positive impression that drives new sales.
  2. A Brand - Begin developing your ‘brand’ with a logo for a quick recognition of
    your company. Apply it on all the communication from your company.
  3. A way to get the word out - Print? or Web? Your strategic plan will
    define the market you should reach. That will tell you the best use of your marketing
    money and how to reach them.
  1. Communicate quickly with eye catching design, a provocative headline and
    compelling text that tells who you are, what you are offering, what’s in it for
    the reader, and what action they should take.
  2. Photos? or Illustration? Choose a visual that quickly tells your story, and why
    they should do business with you. Use it again with Web communication to keep
    your message consistent and save advertising dollars.
  3. Comp - this temporary design includes the layout of the headline, body copy,
    pictures or illustrations and your logo.
  4. Production - next an electronic file that contains the brochure is prepared for the
    printing process and sent to the printer.
  5. Printing - the brochure is printed, trimmed and folded and delivered.
  6. Congratulations! Now your company has attention grabbing ‘sales literature’.
    It will create a positive perception and can be held, felt, read, re-read and passed
    along to others. Producing it with a plan ensures your money was well spent.
  7. Bonus!! The same electronic file that went to the printer can also be converted
    to an interactive web-friendly .pdf and sent over the internet to a potential client.